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We give regional and country-based discounts and new-client referral bonuses. We also have reseller programs. Consult for details.

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Over 10 year experience in providing software for real estate business in different markets and working closely with real estate agents and developers – we know the specifics of this business and give you the tools you need to succeed.

  • Established in 2003, with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Specialized in developing software for real estate industry.
  • Operating in several European countries able to handle country specific issues.
  • Dedicated development team for continuous development – our development team understands this business thoroughly and is building the software what considers all the specific details of the real estate business.
  • Quick market entry time, with us you avoid the lengthy development period and the need to spend lots of time and resources. With us you can continue to focus on your main business.
  • High level of customization options, to have it as you need it to be
  • Modern and reliable system using latest technologies. Our software primary focus is on smart phone and tablet users, scoping with today’s visitor behaviors. We use AWS - one of the most reliable hosting solutions available.

We know real estate software business!


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Create an account on and take the “plugin code”, which is needed for your website to retrieve your ads. You can insert ads either manually or if you use some other ad management system, then it is also possible to transfer ads automatically from there. Please see detail on importing ads.

Find a WordPress theme you like, have a look on the official WordPress site or just google many theme providers on the web.

Find a web designer who is able to set up a WordPress sites, most of them can do it. Your designer should customize the template according your visual style and insert Reales WP plugin, which will create a site listings page, map search page, property detail pages, brokers pages etc.. The Reales WordPress plugin can be download here and for instructions see

Select a hosting service for your new website. Look for the WordPress hosting service, most of the hosting companies will have it. Have your web designer set up your new site there and you are ready to go!

Our API documentation can be downloaded here. For custom solutions please contact our support team.

In principle there is no actual programming needed, just to configure the site using the chosen theme.

Please contact our support team and together we will find the right solution for you. If you are a WP designer and are interested in co-operating with us please contact our support team.

There are thousands of beautiful themes and most of them work perfectly with our plugin. Below are listed only the few we have tested and worked well:

As a first step we recommend to talk to your local hosting company, for example where you host your domain name. If they can’t help please contact our support team and we find the hosting for you.

We aim to make automatic transfer options with all main portals which are requested by our clients. Each connection needs to be prepared individually and it takes some programming time, but most of the effort goes into agreeing on connection technical details with a portal. As we can’t make all connections simultaneously we prioritize our work according to level of demand from our client side.

Our system is hosted on AWS and configured with automatic scaling in case visitor numbers increase so at least a few hundred thousand daily visitors will not be a problem.