Add a real estate listings section to your online brand

  • More revenue for you - more content for your visitors
  • No set up costs, no fixed fees
  • You bring visitors, we do the rest

We set up and host your own real estate ads portal on your domain with your visual style. This will give your visitors one more reason to remember and visit your online brand. With us it will be done quickly and effortlessly without costs or distracting focus from your main business.

Our philosophy is “to bring the milk to supermarkets” – people have been searching for real estate ads from specialized platforms but we bring real estate sections to large online brands, like online newspapers, directories etc. which they visit regularly.

Size of the real estate ads market

Real estate ads is the biggest classified ad market, its revenue exceeding the car, job and general classifieds.

Real estate classifieds global revenue reached 5,09 billion USD in 2017 and is expected to grow 8-10% in the coming years.

In Europe, revenue was 1,79 billion USD in 2017 making the average revenue per internet user 3.72 USD in 2017.

Those numbers only represent fees paid by advertisers to make their real estate listings visible on specific verticals.

How to make money from the real estate ads business

Our business concept is that inserting ads is free for everybody and money is made by selling different services helping advertisers find the “right clients” and improve communication between them.

For example ad visibility services are offered to make ads more noticeable in the portal, like services to display ads higher in search results or services to make ads more visible among other ads.

Additional revenue will be earned by selling banners, our system allows us to display many different banner sizes and types depending on the client’s needs.

Those are just few samples of services offered to our advertisers. We are constantly developing new creative ways to offer a better experience to visitors looking for real estate and increase the revenue from satisfied advertisers.

Why us

Over 10 year experience in real estate classified business from different markets – we know the specifics of this business and help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Dedicated development team for continuous development – our development team understands this business thoroughly and is building the software what considers all the specific details of this business - details are what make the difference.

Quick market entry time, with us you avoid the lengthy development period and the need to spend lots of time and resources. With us you can continue to focus on your main business.

No set up costs or fixed fees, you only share what you have earned from this business.

You will own the brand and visitors – it will be your real estate portal on your domain, corresponding to your visual style. The recognition that will be generated will increase the value of your brand.

Modern and reliable system using latest technologies. Our software primary focus is on smart phone and tablet users, scoping with today’s visitor behaviors. We use one of the most reliable hosting solutions available.

Samples from our sites

We know this business!

What we offer

Turn key solution without set up costs or fixed fees. We offer quick and effortless option to enter real estate ads business without the long and expensive set up period. Allowing you to concentrate on your core business and we will be doing the real estate ad portal specific work for you.

We will:

Provide a technical solution for a real estate ads portal and continue to develop it.

Make needed country or regional customizations.

Set up and host your own real estate ads section on your domain according your visual style guide as a sub section of your online business or separate portal.

Promote portal to real estate agencies and developers to have their ads to the portal and make necessary technical solutions for the automatic import and updating of ads.

Provide client support related to using the portal functionality and its services.

Depending our agreement sale of services to clients can either be done by you or by us.
For our services we charge a percentage of the revenue you receive from the clients.

From you we need

We are looking for partners who have an established online brand with a loyal visitor base potentially interested in real estate offers.

We like to do business with you if you:

Can bring sufficient amounts of visitors – have over 100K daily visitors on your site or you have realistic expectations that you are able to bring over 10K daily visitors to the real estate ads section.

Can bring right kind of visitors who are potentially interested in real estate offers. Your online brand provides content like news, directories, email service or has home or real estate related content. Your visitors main age range 25-50 years.

Are ready to promote your real estate portal and interested to earn more revenue from your visitors.


  • Established in 2003, with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Specialized in developing software for real estate industry.
  • Operating in several European countries able to handle country specific issues like (address matching etc.) to provide quality ad content for visitors.
  • Long term experience working with real estate developers and agencies in different countries.


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Of course! Here are a few

First, we need to discuss the marketing plan - how to promote the real estate section to your visitors and how to get “right kind” of visitors to this site. Our goal is to reach 10K daily visitors, this does not need to happen from day one and this number is just a guideline as the most important is how many potential buyers will contact sellers after seeing our ads.

In addition, we need to talk about the technical implementation (fortunately there is not much for you to do, see details in the next questions), deadlines and then incorporate the results of our negotiations to a contract and sign it.

Most time-consuming part from preparations will be to reach threshold in number of ads, so that there is enough to search from when the portal is launched. This will be our task and it could take 2-3 months intensive work with local real estate agencies to negotiate and set up automatic systems to import and update their ads.

The most important is willingness to promote the real estate classified section to your visitors. We can give you suggestions what have worked best previously, but you know your visitors best and what is the most efficient way to communicate with them.

The programing you need to do is very minimal, see next question about details.

Very little, first you need you to direct your subdomain (for example to our servers and create a tab like “Real estate offers” in your main menu that directs to this subdomain. This tab/link can be also in some other location well visible for your visitors. Usually some additional banners are also needed to inform visitors about the new real estate classified section.

In addition, we can also create a search box on your main site where visitors can select required filters and then be directed to the real estate section with those filters already applied. We can do it ourselves with iframe solution or we provide you all needed specifics and you can program it into your HTML.

Usually 3-4 months, most time consuming part is negotiations with real estate developers and agencies to get their ads on the portal.
In general for 5 years.
Yes, private ads or so called “direct from the owner” ads are the most valuable, they are the most interesting for agencies and for clients.
Our system is hosted on AWS and configured with automatic scaling in case visitor numbers increase so at least a few hundred thousand daily visitors will not be a problem.